MK Express 2020
27th Jan 2021
  • Added ABUS Vitess locking system for BETA testing
    Thanks to Luis of A & D Locks, Bayamón
25th Nov 2020
  • Changed the HTML export to display the keying matrix with the same orientation as the program
    Thanks to Mark Selent of Cleveland
  • Fixed bug that could prevent the MacOS demos from installing properly
22nd Oct 2020
  • Improvement to coding keyed alike dimple systems.
25th Jul 2020
  • Fixed bug that prevented multi axles user presets from being properly recalled.
13th Jul 2020
  • Special thanks to Kfir Pronkhorst in Australia for suggesting this time saver:
    Added the ability to save / copy the hardware details in a project for use in an other.
  • Released the first fully supported MK Express for the Raspberry Pi running a 32bit Debian based OS
10th Apr 2020
  • Initial release of the 2020 version.
  • MK Express 2020 now supports 64bit OSX running Cocoa. So for those of you running Cataline and higher, you are now fully supported.
  • Added the Ultion WXM system type thanks to Liam Griffiths